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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 18 - "Kemo Sabe' " or "1 down, 5 to go!"

Today was Barbara's first stay in the "infusion" area at Dr. Morrisey's offices. A place to lie back and relax and let the chemicals work their magic.

To mitigate the psycholinguistic effects of the term ascribed to this process, I've started calling it "Kemo Sabe' - words from the old Tewa Indian dialect that were uttered by Tonto to the Lone Ranger beginning with the old radio show of the same name. Words whose meaning has been debated by scholars for decades.

According to the son of the man who wrote the scripts for "The Lone Ranger" show, "Kemo Sabe' " means "Trusty Friend," or "Trusty Scout." I think both meanings fit. The room, the staff who work there, and the whole process, each is a new friend to walk beside us on this journey; more importantly, each one contributes to a unified vision of the road ahead - one that will be full of turns and surprises, but a road that also leads to a better life and new vistas to share with all of our "Kemo Sabe's.'



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