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Saturday, September 19, 2009

It’s a Brighter Day!

Hi everyone. I’m sorry for not posting anything here these past few days, but I was knocked down and out by a stomach virus. Not at 100% yet, but feeling better just the same.

Barb has been home for a week now and you can definitely see and hear how much better she feels he positive difference in her. She’s back to doing almost everything she was doing before the surgery, despite my best attempts to get her stay put! She is still resting a good deal of the day and enjoying the extra time to read all of the cards from her friends and family, reading her new Kathy Griffin book, pet the cat. and generally taking things in stride, doing a bit of food prep here and there, as well as washing clothes. She wants to feel independent again after having spent so much time tethered to a hospital bed. Those were not fun times.
We had “the big meeting” with Dr. Morrissey, the Gynecological Oncologist this Thursday and heard some excellent news! Barbara will start her chemotherapy treatment this Tuesday. Her treatment schedule will be: one week of Chemotherapy, then three weeks off until she has had the complete program of 6 treatments. Lots of people want to know the stage that she is in. We look at that a bit differently – the stage is just a number and letter that carry a lot of stigma. Better to think of the healing process and the ultimate goal, rather than the absolute stage
It is our hope that this treatment, coupled with the right foods, the right exercise, and the right amount of love and prayers from family and friends, that she will win this fight.

As the weeks wear on, Barbara will feel like doing a little bit more each week, but she will also need continued help and support from her friends and colleagues. To all of you, thank you for the kind words and cards and for all of your support. To those of you who said you are willing to do anything to help out, we will be in touch!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Five: The Sun Is Shining

"Home Sweet Home" has a special meaning now that we are all Home together again. Eight days in the hospital is a long time for someone who never wanted to be there in the first place, and who came in to it under such extreme circumstances. On the positive side, that experience has caused her to work harder and to do all of the right things to heal from he surgery as quickly as possible.

Today's goals are to rest, heal, and gain strength. We are hoping to be able to go out on the patio together and sit for a while to enjoy the garden and the weather. She still tires easily, even after a few minutes on the phone, but she is hoping to reach out to everyone soon. Barb has made a few phone calls to family and friends, and entertained a few visitors from the neighborhoods who came bearing gifts of food and flowers and most importantly very good will and love. Thank you Dorothy, Robin, Kathy, Joanne, and Clare and Dana!

Also a big heartfelt hello and a "shout out" to Sharon Raimondi and the NYSCEC Board and to Jim Stowell, Marcia Atwood, Mike Schulman and the CNYSEA board for the lovely flower arrangements. They mean a great deal to us to be able to look at their beauty and remember that so many people are sending their thoughts and prayers to Barb to help her heal.

We are looking forward next Tuesday's appointment with Dr. Morrissey to discuss further treatment options - more on this next week!

Take care, everyone, and feel free to leave a comment here!

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