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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day Four

Barb is home today!

She is feeling much better but still not ready for all of her friends to visit. Please email or call me first and we'll let you know how she is feeling.

Ok, well I am off to do some errands. My sister is here and keeping Barb Company and keeping her in her chair so she doesn't get up and try to do too much!

Thanks everyone for the cards and flowers , thoughts and prayers, and well wishes and food!

With love and respect,


Friday, September 11, 2009

DAY 3 (Actually 12, if you count the first signs)

This is the third day of keeping this blog and the 12th day since Barb first experienced the symptoms that led her to an emergency surgery a week ago Thursday. She has come so far!

Last night, she sounded, looked and felt great! She only has two tethers - oxygen and heparin - and she has passed all of her other tests! All we have to do now, is get the INR blood score up to a "2.0" and she is home free! We are hoping she will be home this Saturday.

Please keep your thoughts and prayers and cards coming as they are helping. We appreciate all of you so much for your love, kindnesses and compassion, that you are sending her way.

With love and respect, David and Barb

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Barb got a few steps closer to home today!

A PT came to her room today to talk about her physical therapy (some say PT stands for "Physical Torture"). Later, she may try climbing some stairs. She walked around the floor last night to prepare herself better for today, and today she took a walk; 2 full loops around the block, came back to her room and sat in the chair for 20 minutes.

The P.T. came in again and said she is very pleased with her progress. She ran her through the range of motions and then together they worked through several excercises that were printed on a double sided sheet of paper. Sounds like homework to me!

She he went back to sitting up in her chair, and O.T. came in and asked several questions regarding home logistics, checked for strength in arms, hands, and legs. She did great!

After all of that work, the "kitchen lady" came and gave her choices for what she'd like for lunch. She was very happy that she could order a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat bread, vegetable soup, and an Italian Ice.

After that, she watched a little of the food network and is going to nap for an hour until they bring her lunch.

That's it for now! More later.



Hi everyone,

This is the first in a series of daily updates about the love of my life - my wife Barbara. She was diagnosed with a tumor at 2 p.m., Thursday, September 4th, 2009, and by 11 p.m. that evening. Her surgeon told me that he removed 99.9% of the cancer that he found on her ovaries. Now, five days later, we are realizing - again - the amazing and incredible amount of love that her family, friends, and colleagues have for her.

This Blog is for all of you.

We are just learning about this new challenge and we want to keep it simple and manageable. We also hope that in some way, our journey can be one that heals us and gives others the peace that comes from knowing your loved one is all right.

The doctors have said that attitude is at least as important as all of the medical support. There is really only one attitude to have - we will fight this and win.

Today is a great day! Barb is getting her hair washed for the first time in 6 days - and we can all imagine how freeing and relieving that can be! The other good news is that Dr. Morissey's partner, Dr. McElrath, gave her permission to get up and walk around today. This is very important to the healing process - if she can walk, eat solid food, and a few other things, then that is enough to get her discharged from her "dungeon" (she hates her room - even though it is the only private one on the floor!) and home again. It's also important because it means the heparin drip is working and her blood levels are "therapeutic." You see, we had a little setback a few days ago - Barb was having trouble breathing which initiated another CT scan, which turned up two bloodclots - one in each lung. This is typical for a person who has undergone major surgery, and especially for someone who has some type of cancer. But for now, those two clots are on their way out, and we are all looking forward to getting Barb home as soon as possible!

With love and respect,

Dave and Barb

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